Painting is a simple way to upgrade your kitchen. If you are new to paint the kitchen, it is difficult to choose the colors and designs. Some of the common colors for the kitchen are red, blue, yellow, green, white and gray. The yellow color gives cheerful feelings and red gives intense. Other colors give calming shades. Based on your wish you can choose the best colors to paint your kitchen wall. Some of the kitchen wall art ideas are listed below.

Wooden board

Place the wooden lettering words like “Eat”, “Taste” etc in the entrance of your kitchen, which attracts everyone. The old wooden board gives ancient looks to your kitchen. Make different styles of wooden boards and frames with different words.

Some food, family or prayer frames

Place some food frames or some prayer frames in the kitchen. While making recipes, these frames give some happy feelings. Also, these images bring positive thoughts and happiness.

Card display

You can place some recipe card display in your kitchen. This helps to reveal your secrete kitchen tricks to everyone. This gives some interesting feelings. Anyone can easily try some recipes at any time.

Herb garden

Grow some small herbs in your kitchen. This helps to give natural look and can also use these herbs to your recipes freshly. Preparing recipes around the natural looks gives energetic feelings. This also gives a fresh aroma to your kitchen.

Hanging baskets

Hang some designed baskets to place plates, pots and arrange them properly looks elegant. Proper hanging baskets help to keep your kitchen clean and also look more spaces. Use stylish and colorful baskets that add more attraction to your kitchen.

Clip artboards

The photograph is the best way to change the atmosphere. Place some wooden clipboards and keep some interesting photographs on your kitchen wall. You can change the picture at any time which gives a fresh feeling to your kitchen.


There are two types of painting – oil painting and latex paint. Oil painting is resistant to water and also gives shiny look to your kitchen. Latex paint is the more common option for kitchen walls. The quality of the paint is very important before choose paint. Before painting, make your wall ready by cleaning dust and old paints. Based on your wish, you can choose suitable options. Do painting good for the kitchen with attractive ideas and have pleasant recipes.