Are you looking for some tips to deal with unruly bangs? If yes then this is your right place to hide your fringes easily and make different hairstyles. Here are some of the simple tips that are given to hide your fringes.

Sweep your bangs to one side – If your hair hides your eyes, make a side part and brush your fringes towards the opposite side. Styling side bangs also help to make your hair looks thicker.

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Use a headband to hide bangs – This is the best and instant solution to hide your bangs. Just comb your hair back and wear a stylish headband. You can also use hair spray to maintain your hairstyle. You can also make different hairstyles like comb your hair on one side, use hair spray and use headbands.

Pin your fringes – This is also a simple way, just section your bangs into two parts at the center. Then twist them and pin each part to right and left sides of your head. This is a simple and stylish way to prevent bangs from curl up.

Wear a hat – If you do not have much time to prepare yourself, just wear a stylish and suitable hat to hide your bangs. It will help to protect your hair and face from the sun.

Try ponytail using bobby pins – This ponytail helps to protect your long hair bangs and gives casual look to your face. Just part your hair on one side and tie it to make a low ponytail. You can secure your fringes using bobby pins.

Clip you bang on one side – This style looks awesome and gives a cool look to your face. Make your hair on one side and gather your bangs. Use some stylish and designed clips to pin your bangs safely. Based on your dress model you can use different stylish clips.