Everyone loves to make simple and different hairstyles. If you have long hair, it is very easy to make a variety of hairstyles. The suitable hairstyle will change your whole look. So choose the suitable one and express your personality. Use some formal clips to make the hairstyle simple. Here are some of the elegant evening hairstyles for brunette long hair are given below

Triple twist

The triple twist hairstyle is the most lovable and easy to make. You can easily create sophisticated vibes without doing much work in long hair. Just take hairs above from each ear and also take from the center of your head, then twist and hold. At the end of your hair, make a twist that gives a braided effect to your hair.

Slicked back roots

slicked back rootsThis slicked-back roots hairstyle gives a formal sexy look. In this hairstyle, the long length of hair looks feminine. You can try this hairstyle for an angular or high contrast dress. It looks so sexy and attractive. You can use shine oil to make more shine to your hair.

Half-up fishtail braid

You can easily create a half-up fishtail braid within a minute. Just pick a hair above each ear and fishtail braid four inches. Then tie both braids together at the center of your head. You can also cover hair ties with other hair sections to give more formal looks. This style looks so formal and nice.

Bow model hairstyle

The bow hairstyle looks so pretty. The bow style should have proper finishing touch so don’t miss adding it to your lower updo. This is very simple to do. Just ponytail your hair and do a twist and then wrap up your hair. Use enough pins to hold. You can also use some bands to add ones that are more stylish.

Bridal bun style

You can make ponytail your hair and then hold using pins. Then add some bobby pins around the bun. Add some pearly pins to make trendy looks. This style gives modern looks to your long hair.

These are some of the brunette long hair hairstyles for evening time. You can make a huge variety of styles in your long hair. The simple and formal hairstyle gives a huge change to your looks. So be careful to choose a suitable hairstyle for your hair. Make a simple hairstyle and express your personality.