New Year is a special occasion for all of them. It is the right time to have a colorful party. Just invite the New Year with colorful stars in the sky. This is the biggest night celebrating a party, so décor your rooftop with colorful things. Many simple ways of New Year decoration for open terrace, you can read below.

When compared to indoor decors, the open terrace has more space to innovate your ideas and have a few walls and no fixed furniture as well. You can easily create innovative ideas and themes.

Decorate the place with some green trees, frangipani or palms at the entrance and place some colorful flowers. You can collect these items from the nursery for rent. Add some different looking shrubs as well. Please some of the flowers at the tables.

Use the dim lights. This helps to enjoy the natural moonlight and cool fresh air. Do not dumb many decors, it will occupy more space and disturb you to enjoy the natural climates.

Bring some pattern and color lights, which gives some magic effect to the terrace. You can create some theme pattern lights in your own style and make it awesome. Based on your theme you can choose the color lights and patterns.

Make special seating for your friends. If you have fewer chairs, use cocktail tables for other peoples and make them gather around. Make them chat and gather round games. Place some small and cute crafts at the table.

Choose the best and tasty food items. Do not serve hot in the room. Mention the food names at the top of the place, which helps to pick easily. Maintain separate food counters and keep always clean.

open terraceArrange enough beverages with enough ice cubes and make some drinks for your guests. Décor that table with glass decors. Make all kinds of drinks are available.

Just add your favourite styles and arrange the plates with your patterns. Make all the decors with your own style and make it a complete look. Arrange some interesting gifts and games to enhance the guests. Play some interesting music and dance party.

Follow these simple ideas to decorate terrace for New Year. Make your own style party. Invite your friends; enjoy the party with fun and happiness. Let us begin the new year with this wonderful party.