In the updo, there are two types. One takes a huge time and more complicated, another is very easy but gives fabulous look. In this article, you can get easy hairstyles which give excellent look. Some of the easy updo hairstyles for special events are given below.

Curly French roll

This is the modern curly French roll. To make this hairstyle, get ready with wavy hair. Separate your hairs into three horizontal chunks then separate each chunk into two pieces. After that twist and wrap up using pins.

Messy twisted bun

twisted bunIf you have no time to make hairstyles, then choose this messy twisted bun style. This is very simple, first, twist the sides and fold your hair into a bun. Use enough pins to secure your folding.

Double bun

This hairstyle looks so cute when compared with a single bun. Separate your hair into two sections from ear to ear. Then create a single bun using each section’s hairs. Then make a ponytail and wrap it around its base.

Low ponytail twist

This low ponytail twist hairstyle is suitable for both small and medium hair. First, make a ponytail, then twist the tail and secure the loop using pins. Hide the edges of your hair. This is the best updo hairstyles for medium lengths hair.

Top wrapped bun

To make this hairstyle, pull your hair to the top of your head and pin it to be fully wrapped bun. Use some colors to your hair looks elegant look to this hairstyle.

Side bride chignon updo

This style is suitable for a red carpet walk. Make a bride down the side of your head and then twist to make a messy bun. Leave some hair to fall in front of your face which gives feminine look.

chignon updo

Lavender headband twist

The Lavender color looks so pretty. Just add some more prettiness using headband to your hair. This is one of the quick and easy styles for wedding functions. This gives rich look to you.

Curly natural updo

This is very simple; just pull all your strains into the top of your head using a ponytail holder. Then finish it with the forehead bride. The natural style looks so beautiful and attractive.

Trunk and roll bun

This is the most common style for the wedding season. Just roll and make many buns, don’t make a single bun. This is suitable for both night and day time functions.